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November 02, 2005


Alec  Saunders

Hey Brandon,

You may or may not remember, but we have five boys. They're as different as can be. One's a jock, one's an egghead, one's a motormouth, one's got a gift for languages, and one is the polite nice kid every momma hopes her little girl will bring home. One's skinny, one's a little plump, one's short, one's tall... One's musical, one's funny, one's obnoxious...

Kids are all different. Enjoy your Chickpea for who she is, forget about what the pediatrician is telling you, and relax dude!




Hey B,

The good part about those charts is that they a only a guage for the doctor to recognize kids who are becoming obese ( like they couldnt look at the little porker and deduce) or the child who might be too small...and therefore have a problem. Everything in between is good. We all progress and grow at different speeds. Concentate on personality traits, and things you can change, adjust and tweak. Im not sure if I ever mentioned this.... From the time they were born, all 3 of my kids were spoken to like an adult. Which is to say NOOOOOOO baby talk. By anyone. Including Grandparents. That was a difficult implementation, but all 3 are lucid intelegent people who have respect, and can communicate their needs....as opposed to throwing a fit.

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