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November 19, 2005



Interesting that I read this today - after what I experienced last night. I could hear Barrett's calls of mom from his room. She was busy doing dishes, and I don't think she could hear him. I got up from the living room to see what it was he needed. I asked what was up and he lay silent, ignoring me. Tears welled up and anything he said was so quiet that I couldn't hear. For 3 or 4 minutes, there was absolutely nothing that I could do for him. It was a normal day for him - we went up and played in the snow, watched some cartoons, got some Warcraft in, food was normal, went to bed at a normal time, etc. Yet he was unable to communicate to me what he was calling mom for. I tried everything, but still the conversation remained fruitless.

Finally she showed up and I explained what was going on and how confused I was. He lit up and started jabbering away and flipping right to the page he wanted in a book of stickers, asking which was her favorite, etc. She picked one, he peeled it off, gave her some instructions, and was completely peachy after that. Me - totally helpless. Me - still confused. I totally understand the child's bond with his mother, but damn. It's frustrating to me that there are just some things that I cannot do.

And he's a five year old. When does this go away?

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