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May 22, 2005


Michael Parekh

I've been trying to ration game playing in my life and have been fairly successful this year...now you have to go and spoil it with a wildly enthusiastic and passionate endorsement of this latest mind-sucking device from Sony.

Normally I'm one of the first out of the gate getting the newest gidget...I'd held off on the PSP successfully...until now...

Now I've got to go get one...probably today...along with some games that are going to be the black holes of my days ahead...

and it's all on your head.

thanks for nothing.

(at least that's how I'll explain it to my wife)


Reached your blog through Fred's......congrats on the your baby girl. I have a 9 month old and she is the coolest thing ever. Hard to express in words. If your friend gave you the electric swing chair from fisher price you will love it.....my daughter spends 2.5 hours each morning in it napping.

Regarding the PSP, how much external flash memory do you have? Is 1Gb enough? I heard they are coming out with a 2G card.

Best of luck to you. Parkite.


I wouldn't want this guy reposting pics of my wife, if I were you


ebony danielle may

how you know if you is have a baby ? when you get sick or sleeping lost right so this is my frist baby so I have it to be right ok help me ????


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