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August 18, 2005



I like your site so far, keep it up:) And Baby Casseia is adorable:)


HaHa! I love it! Keep up the good work. You are quite witty and very humorous! I love it! Ha Ha!

Margarita Mama

Cassiea is a beautiful baby, with a beautiful name. And the obvious joy of the parents is present in every photo. Keep up the good work. It's one of the most special times in your life and it flies by like a blur.
I don't want to soil your site with my actual opinion of Tom Cruise's take on postpartum-ness. Just remember it's a very primal time for a new mother.


I love the blog site as well as the daily updates but along with the updates must come a picture of the precious little on. Steph and I find ourselves at all different times of the day looking at your chickpea we just love her!

Lots of Love
Tra & Auntie Steph


Love it too!


Woman have always been better at seeing further down the line then men, ("but Napolean, my son, don't you want a jacket? Russia is so cold this time of year!" "Can't be bothered! Ta!") so your lady fretting now is understandable. Just keep in mind that everyone in your house needs the soothing and patting- Momma and baby. Good luck with it and post more pictures when you can, she's a cutie!

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