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February 12, 2006



I can't and won't do horrors... gah. That new preview that is out for the When a Stranger Calls drives me insane. I have to change the channel. We just bought a new house and it just creeps me out.

I've never seen Trainspotting but I heard how fk'n crazy it is.

One movie that really messed me up was Fight Club. If you haven't seen it, I would totally recommend it, you get past the fighting. Watch it until the end too... and then you'll have to watch it again just because you'll be like, how did I miss that. And WHATTHEHELL????

Love Actually is another really awesome movie... if you & your wife are looking for a date movie.


I totally agree with you about the movies - I have seen them all a while ago and they are all dreadful - I am incapableof watching those sorts of things these days.. Brian thought I was a complete woos because I could not watch "Kill Bill"..the scene with the heads rolling (literally) in the board room did it for me...na-ah!!
You must go and see "The Fastest Indian" about a Kiwi who took his bike to the Bonneville salt flats-you will love this one!!

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