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February 14, 2007



Not a fun way to spend valentine's day. Best wishes to your growing family.

Crystal In Houston

Came to your site via MetroDad......love him! As a mom, I really enjoy the dad blogs. I was reading the archives (Country mouse/City mouse) and saw your comment about living in The Woodlands....which happens to be exactly where I am sitting now, lol! It was just a little jolt, while reading a blog from someone in NYC, to come across a regular to the site, practically in my own backyard! Hope everything with the new baby has worked out well....I will be catching up on your archives too.

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I was reading breathlessly on this ha...how did it come then? I know this comment is very later and over years now but I would like to know the results. My friend is in labor pain now.

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May your family be blessed. Just always pray. Prayer is the solution to the impossibles.

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